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Whether you need an inspection to aquire insurance on your home, or you want the peace of mind that your house is ready for storm season; we provide many types of detailed inspections.

Affinity Building Group offers anything from Four Point Inspections, Wind Mitigation, Termite Inspections and Septic Certifications. We take our time inspecting your home and taking detailed notes so you can receive a thorough report for your insurance company, or to aid you in purchasing a new home.

ABG is your source for licensed insurance adjusters as well. Our staff has the knowledge of what insurance companies look for, as well as offer Roof Expert reports for Law Firms including arbitrations, mediations and Appraiser services for Homeowners in the claim settlement process. Ask how you can save money when you bundle all four inspections!


Independent Claims Adjusting
Residential Construction Claim Satisfaction
Roof Expert for Law Firms
Appraiser in Claim Settlement Process


The inspection and report describes the condition and age of these elements.

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical wiring and panels
  • Plumbing connections and fixtures
  • Roof

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more).

Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them. For instance; a home with a roof nearing the end of its reliable service life may fail while under the policy and the homeowner may seek reimbursement from their insurance company for damages to the home or its contents. If these elements are in poor condition, in need of being updated or replaced or were improperly installed, they may fail and cause fire or water damage to a home.

Affinity Building Group can access all aspects of a Four Point Inspection and work with your insurance company to receive the reports they need to cover your home.
Considering buying a new home? Schedule your Four Point Inspection today!


Affinity Building Group offers wind mitigation inspections to help provide the best possible safety measures as well as a significant discount on your home insurance.
Our HAAG certified inspector checks your home’s wind-resistant features and works closely with your insurance company to help you get the best coverage for your structure.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection includes anything from door/window coverings to the way your roof is attached to your home to how your roof is sealed to prevent water from entering. All the features the inspector looks for may seem like minor details, but they make a world of difference when a windstorm or hurricane strikes.

A wind mitigation inspection is the only inspection that can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance policy. As always, the safer and stronger your home is, the lower your premiums may be. The appropriate wind mitigation features can be the difference between your home weathering the storm and a total rebuild.

Don’t let another storm season go by without knowing you are safe!
Call to schedule your Wind Mitigation Inspection Today! 239-599-9113


Smart homeowners stay on top of termite control. Much like your dryer vents need a yearly cleaning, your house should be inspected once a year for termites. Even if you have block construction, your trusses, roof decking and possibly your interior framing uses wood and their integrity can be compromised.

Affinity Building Group can provide a detailed termite inspection inside and out of your home. The inspector will look at the interior and exterior areas of your home, checking for visible signs of a termite infestation, which include: droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, and damaged wood.

During this inspection, he or she will need access to every area of your home, including the garage and attic. Outside your home, the inspector will look at the exterior walls and eaves of the house, and closely examine the foundation. Why? Because subterranean termites often use the places where plumbing penetrates the slab to gain access to your home. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will let you know the findings. If there’s an infestation, treatment will be recommended, but even if there’s not an infestation, the inspector may suggest preventive treatment to keep your home safe.

Schedule your yearly Termite Inspection Today! 239-599-9113


A septic certification is a written document that states that the on-site sewerage disposal system has been inspected and functioning. This type of inspection is required by a mortgage lender in order to write a loan for a home that is on a septic system. Affinity Building Group can provide a septic certification along with the many other inspections necessary for buying or insuring a home.

What is completed during a septic certification?

  • Obtain information from homeowner regarding property details, maintenance of septic system, any work or issues with the septic system.
  • Locate, excavate and uncover the main lid of the septic tank and the distribution box. Any clean-outs will be opened for the septic tank too.
  • Visually inspect the level in the septic tank prior to completing the water load test.
  • Visually inspect the structural integrity of the septic tank and piping between the house and the septic tank and the piping leaving the septic tank.
  • The inspector will be checking the amount of accumulated solids in the septic tank and if any solids have carried into the piping and/or distribution box.
  • Visually inspect the baffles.
  • Visually inspect the condition of the distribution box and lines leaving distribution box.

Looking to buy a home? Don’t forget to get your Septic Certification. Call ABG to schedule one today 239-599-9113.

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